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Foreign Exchange is an extremely volatile market. Currency exchange rates can rapidly change from minute to minute based on a number of factors including the worldwide economy and news events around the globe. For this reason, it is important for Forex investors to have a base of reputable news sources.

Some of the best online resources for Forex investors are, Forbes, MarketWatch, Reuters, FX Week, e-Forex and Forex Street Review. These sites include everything from big news in the stock and Forex markets to tools, tips and Forex discussions. Many of these sites also offer live tickers that offer the most up to date rates. is a great choice for investors that are interested in a wide variety of investment news as they not only discuss Forex but also the real estate market, small business news, the stock market, bonds and more. Forbes, MarketWatch and Reuters also provide news on a wide variety of investment topics.

FX Week, e-Forex and Forex Street Review focus entirely on Forex. Therefore, if you are a one-trick pony and aren’t interested in broader stock market or business news then these sites are for you. These sites generally update as soon as possible “as the news breaks”.

If you are investing in Forex online than your broker most likely provides real time news updates as well. Most online Forex brokers provide charts and analysis of recent rates, in addition to second by second tickers so that you can check to see the rates at any time during the day. However, it is always a good idea to supplement your knowledge of Forex news with an outside news source.