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How Mirror Trading Works

Forex is quickly growing as one of the most popular investment opportunities on the Web, with over $4 trillion traded each day. The good news is, you don’t have to be a currency genius to get involved. With mirror trading you can simply mirror the methods of successful traders in your own Forex investments.

Mirror trading should not be mistaken for auto trading. In auto trading you put your trust, and your money, in the hands of automated Forex bots that decide to buy and sell for you without letting you know about their methods and strategies. With mirror trading you have more say in the process. You can research and choose from over 100 different strategies when you trade Forex using mirror trading.

Mirror trading is great because it allows investors to choose strategies that fit their personal needs. For instance, some strategies are better for specific currencies-what works for trading between British Pounds and US Dollars (GPB/USD) may not work for trading between British Pounds and Japanese Yen (GBP/JPY) and what works for investors making large trades may not work for those trading smaller amounts. When you choose a broker that offer mirror trading you can do the research to choose the strategy that is best for your portfolio.

Another nice thing about mirror trading is that investors can purchase results to compare different strategies to see which is most effective. This is something that is not available in the world of auto trading, as most auto trading platforms are competitors and don’t share information that judges them against the competition.

Mirror trading, when the research is put in to choose the best strategy for you, can pay off in the world of Forex.