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GAIN Capital Review

GAIN Capital is one of the Forex industry’s largest brokers, with clients all over the world in over 140 countries. GAIN Capital caters to all kinds of traders, from individuals to institutions and offers services not only through the GAIN Capital website but also through their subsidiary, is where most of GAIN’s individual brokers make their trades, as the minimum requirement for opening an account is only $2,500 as opposed to the $100,000 minimum at GAIN Capital. GAIN also offers individual traders with a number of services and trading tools at, as well as educational content for traders who are brand new to Forex. For this reason, it is a good place for newbies to trade as helps new traders through the process and understanding of Forex.

GAIN offers commission free trading at However, institutional clients at GAIN Capital’s main site are required to pay a commission of $25 for every million units of currency they trade. Because institutions must pay this commission the spreads are lower at the GAIN Capital site. spreads are wide when the market is volatile. However, spreads are tight when the market is less volatile.

GAIN offers a variety of options when it comes to their trading platform and software. Individual and institutional traders both have access to all versions of GAIN’s standard FOREXTrader platform. There is a downloadable platform as well as a Web based platform. Many traders prefer the Web based option because it allows them to trade from any computer with Internet access, while the downloadable version restricts traders to buying and selling from the computer where the software is installed.

GAIN one-ups a lot of other brokers because they cater to institutional and individual traders on separate sites. For institutions, the GAIN Capital platform offers great service, spreads and analysis. Likewise, offers the lower costs and great educational materials that many individual traders are looking for.

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