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If you’re thinking of breaking into the Forex market then you are facing a big decision-where do you want to do your Forex trading? There are a large number of brokers, bots and services that you can trade through.

Most Forex trading takes place on the Internet, but if you don’t have a computer or Internet connection it doesn’t mean you can’t get involved. If you don’t have an Internet connection at home then you have a couple of options. You can invest money into a managed Forex account. An investment fund will take your money, invest it for you and take a monthly fee or a share of the profits. You can also take part in automated Forex trading that is run from an external server. With an automated trading system you don’t have to log on to buy and sell-the process happens automatically.

Although it is possible to participate in Forex trading offline, the Internet is still the center of the Forex market. There are a large number of online brokers in the industry. These brokers allow Forex traders to create an account, review charts and trade visualizations and other information about the market, and buy and trade currencies manually or based on mirror trading. Some of the highest rated online Forex brokers include Saxo Bank, GAIN Capital, Dukascopy, FXCM and eToro.

Before you sign up with an online Forex broker be sure to do your research to find the broker that is best for you.

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